Uniliver Dove

Multi-channel, digital and print advertisement campaign for Dove Deodorant China.

Unilever China and Dragon Group Asia asked us to design a series of digital and print advertisements for Dove Deodorant.

The imagery had to be clinical and minimal in design and reflect the ethos of Dove and it’s branding ideologies. The advertisement campaign was targeted towards expatriate women in China and channelled through a number of offline and online platforms.

  • Graphic Design

  • Advertisement

  • Marketing Strategy

Medium, Outlets and Platforms

The Dove deodorant campaign gained over 500,000 total views across over 10 major platforms.

The Dove Way – Simple Design

Dove has a very distinctive way of advertising their products. It is called the Dove Way: It encompasses Dove’s values and personality, the brand voice and point of view on beauty.

To keep true to these values, the campaign had to ring true with a clear, pure and uncluttered design. Every letter, word, and sentence was carefully positioned and thought out so the message was clear and the brand image was kept intact.

The designs had to be self-assured enough to be uncomplicated and elegantly simple. The simplicity doesn’t translate to cold, basic or boring. Rather, there’s modernity to it. A stunningly simple beauty. A Look and feel that lacks embellishment because it simply doesn’t need it.