Benefits of Branding


What is a brand?

In a nut shell it is everything about your business – Your ‘brand’ tells the story of who you are, it defines your business to yourself, your targeted audience, and your employees. It represents the core values and mission statement of your business. Your ‘brand’ encompasses your website, your advertising and communications, social media, product and packaging design, employees’ uniforms, shop or office interior, the way your business interacts with customers and so much more.

Benefits of Branding.

Branding helps your business stand out in a densely crowed marketplace.  Branding helps us to make a choice. It also reassures us that we have made the right decision because we believe and trust the brand.

Branding can create lifelong relationships with customers, we can attach ourselves to a certain brand because it says something about us.  Customers are attracted to brands that they share values with. A well-developed branding strategy can convey these values to build an emotional connection with customers.

Branding creates a clear vision of your of business, your position in the market place, the quality of your product and service.  It can build awareness and increase recognition.  Visual identity triggers perception and unlocks associations of the brand.

A strong brand will attract and retain the best and brightest workforce. Employees have the most profound impact on brand value because they help build the all-important emotional connections with the people who interact with your brand.

Branding gives your business a firm foundation – As your business expands the brand identity will set the tone for everything you do.  You can refer back to brand strategy and make sure that your product or service are in line with your brand message, values and goals.

We can help you develop your brand strategy and form a brand identity that is in line with your business values.  Contact our Derbyshire office for further details.